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By admin

On 07, Feb 2012 | In | By admin

„The Amplitude-Describer“

I’ve created this short animation to refresh my expression skills. The main Idea in this project was to describe the Amplitude in an alternative way.

The core element is Trapcodes Particular. The emitter follows a litte rectangle, which reacts to amplitude of the music but also has some amount of random moveness. I’ve also created some circular „areas“, from a small circle in the middle to an ring area around that circle, and the rest of the composition is another area (It looks exactly like a target). Now, when the rectangle reaches certain areas, it will automatically emit Words.
In this case it will create small words like „quiet“, „fine“,… if the music is kinda quiet, and words like „DAMN!“ „HOT“ if the music reaches high amplitudes.

Song: Rihanna – „We found Love“